Here our services are focused on the needs of any project (Government, Semi-Government and/or private) in terms of consistently supplying quality material.

Our potential of supplying project material at the site of our clients is not constrained by the monetary aspect and we are also capable of granting reasonable credit to the clients who wish to maintain long-term business relations with us.
Our credibility as a project supplier has been built over a period of almost four decades with our commitment of becoming the biggest project supplier in India through consistent service, efficient supply chain and long-term business bonds towards our elite clientele.

Delhi Mill Stores with its expertise, team of knowledge workers and efficient supply chain promises at delivering all types of safety materials, scientific products, tools & tackles, pipes & fittings, electrical items, mechanical & hardware products and so on, with the best understanding of the requirements of our clients along with a system of efficiently procuring materials and delivering them at the quickest to the site of the project.

As an Industrial stockist we aim at maintaining an exhaustive stock of various kinds of electrical, hardware, mechanical, scientific, tools and tackles and other products which are constantly required by various industries, factory units and manufacturing plants.

Hereby, we overcome short-supply of any kind of product or material which is required for the smooth working of an industry or industrial unit.

We enable the industries to work on 0 inventory as we stand on their behalf of maintaining the full stock required by them any time.
Our services come into picture as we free our clients of any kind of hassles of maintaining inventory for their everyday working. Because of our fast delivery and enormous stock, we deliver the requirements to any industry on time and consider that they do not face any kind of bottlenecks or shut downs due to the short-supply of materials.

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